Local Residents Grade CCISD, Not the Texas Education Agency
Posted on 01/06/2017

The Clear Creek Independent School District has published its third annual Community-Based Accountability Report which is centered on criteria local taxpayers identified as important to them such as the quality of the teaching staff, student to teacher classroom ratios, course offerings and course advancement, results on college entrance exams, rate of student discipline and the conditions of school buildings. “This report highlights our strengths such as boasting one of the highest graduation rates in the State of Texas, SAT and ACT scores that surpass world-wide averages, and important bond program improvements that have made our schools safer for students,” said Greg Smith, Superintendent of Schools. “The report also highlights areas where we need to improve upon such as advanced placement course enrollment, classroom overcrowding, school-to-home communications, and the number of discipline referrals.” 

The timing of this third-annual report comes on the heels of the State’s so-called “What if” A-F Ratings of schools based on data from 2015-16. The State’s ratings are based majorly, upwards of 55% of a school’s total grade, on results of the embattled State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR). Based on a random sample phone survey by Baselice & Associates in 2014 and 2016, state standardized test results rank last in importance to the CCISD community. “We are not surprised by this since our district has exceeded the State’s academic expectations, and has, for many years,” said Smith. “Our community expects more from us. This report gives an in depth and honest look at how we perform every day, not just one day in the spring.” View Dr. Smith's video message on the new state system.

Community-Based Report Card At-a-Glance

cba report

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